Francis O’Toole is a London and Dublin-based artist, who has studied in Florence, Italy.

At 17 Francis was involved in an industrial accident that very nearly claimed his life. After spending over a year in hospital and rehabilitation, Francis had a number of years confused about what path to take in life,  One day out of concern for her son Francis’ mother suggested he try painting, at first Francis believe this to be silly, but slowly began to enjoy this activity. Initially working from his mind, After his father suggested he show some of his work at an exhibition around  Stephens Green in Dublin, Francis’s work began to receive a lot of attention and he entered a gallery Greystones , After this, there was some demand for his work, As Francis had never studied Art , He worked at a slow pace and was not satisfied with the results, It is at this time he then decided to study classical art techniques in Florence, Italy. After five years of intermittent study in Florence Italy and also studying with master artist Odd nerdrum in Norway for a period of time, Francis returned to Dublin/London where he is working full time as an artist and has gained a great amount of attention within the Art world, collected and exhibiting internationally also winning a number of highly recognized awards.

Sol Art gallery


Prizes :

2017   The One world together a gold medal

2016    Conor prize for best figurative work in any media, Royal Ulster academy.

2014     E.S.B Sean Keating Award for outstanding painting.

2013    The L. Cornelissen & Son award at the Royal Institute of Oil painters London. Showing at the Mall  Gallery, London      


2011    The Don Niccolò d’Ardia Caracciolo RHA Medal and Award

2010  The Don Niccolò d’Ardia Caracciolo RHA Medal and Award

2008/2009  Davy‘s  Portrait  Award


Exhibitions and Shows:

2022 192nd RHA Annual Exhibition

2019      VUE Contemporary Art Fair at the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) 

2019       Art Source at the R.D.S

2019      Barcelona Spain

2019       Fresh Air Art fair, Ascot, U.k

2019      Antiques and Art collectors fair R.D.S Dublin 4

2018 Bond street  London realism alive show

2018   Ireland and u.k National contemporary Art fair ,VUE, R. H. A .

2018   Timeless, R.D.S Antiques, and Art collectors exhibition.

2018  HANG TOUGH GALLERY       Grand opening exhibition.

2018  Take Heart. A pop up Art exhibition in aid of the Dublin rape     crisis centre.

2017   Barcelona ,Spain

2017   Sol Art gallery new gallery opening show

2017   No fixed abode Homeless fundraiser at The Copperhouse gallery  for the Peter McVerry Trust,

2017    Green gallery.

2016     R.D.S Art show Dublin .

2016     Art Brussels .

2016     Ireland and u.k National contemporary Art fair ,VUE, Royal Hibernian Academy .

2016     Royal Ulster Academy Annual exhibition .

2015      In Profile:  Sell out Gallery exhibition

2015      Royal Ulster Academy Annual Show

2015     Royal Hibernian Academy Annual show

2014     Royal Hibernian Academy Annual show

2013    Mall Galleries  -London, England

2013   Exhibited in the Oriel Gallery  – Dublin, Ireland

2012   R.U.A show  – Belfast, Northern Ireland

2012   Sol Art Gallery winter show  – Dublin, Ireland

2012   R.D.S   Arts and Antiques  show  –  Dublin, Ireland

2011  R.D.S.  Arts and antique show – Dublin, Ireland

2010   Villa Bardini, Florence – Annigoni’s Legacy Group Show

2010   R.D.S.  Art and Antiques show  – Dublin, Ireland

2009   Angel Academy Exhibition – Florence, Italy

2008 / 2009  Selected for the DAVY portrait Awards (Belfast/Dublin)

2008   Contemporary Irish Art,  Orlando Festival of the Masters  – Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

2008   R.H.A (Dublin) selected to exhibit at members Annual Group show

2008   Angel Academy Exhibition –Florence, Italy

2008   Cherrylane Fine Arts – Summer show/Winter  (Dublin)

2008   Afferato l’IDEA Chiesa St James – Florence, Italy

2008    Invited to exhibit works alongside World famous artist Odd Nerdrum – Stavern, Norway

2007   Jack Barclay Bentley, Berkeley Square, London – 10th Year Anniversary of the  Angel Academy of Art

2007   Cherrylane Fine Arts –    Summer / Winter shows
Cherrylane Fine Arts –    Art Fair, Dublin

2006    Academy Exhibition – Florence, Italy

2006    Cherrylane Fine Arts, Co.Wicklow -Summer /Winter

Cherrylane Fine Arts, Co.Wicklow –  Art Fair Dublin

2005    Cherrylane Fine Arts, Co.Wicklow  – Summer / Winter

Cherrylane Fine Arts, Co.Wicklow – Art Fair, Dublin

2004    Cherrylane Fine Arts, Co.Wicklow  -Summer / Winter 

27 thoughts on “About

  1. Neil Condron says:

    A very humble introduction to one of Ireland’s most talented young artists. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work – watch this space!

    Best of luck Francis with the blog I’ll be a keen follower.

  2. monochromejunkie says:

    Pleasure to meet you, Francisco. Interesting bio! Sounds like we have a few things in common. Impressive work too. Teresa is my favourite, though I think Katrina is your best, technically speaking. Feel free to stop by anytime, and I wish you much success in your upcoming show. xo -Birgitta

    1. franciso2l says:

      hi,i travel over from dublin to florence italy to study in an academy on and off for four year ,i would go over study ,then return home work for a while ,then return again

  3. Biba says:

    This man is the best Artist in this generation no one captures life so raw and tender quite like him . A rare gift in the 21st century is Francis

  4. Kevin says:

    Unreal man! I would love to see your paintings in the flesh so to speak. Where can I check them out? I’m based in Ireland.

  5. Kevin says:

    Francis, where do you currently have art for sale ? I am looking to get my portrait painted and from what I have seen I very much like your style. Kevin.

  6. Paul McKenna says:

    Dear Francis,

    Just a short note to enquire if you would like to show a painting in the Boyle Arts Festival 2018.
    “Gathering” opens on Thursday 19th July in King House, Boyle.

    The BAF will have a collection/drop off in Dublin.

    Thank you again Francis.

    Warm wishes,
    Curator BAF

  7. Francis O'Toole says:

    I’m Francis O’Toole.
    I spent much of my time growing up in Ireland.
    I studied Fine Art and specialized in classical oils.

    But I moved to Hollywood, became a movie producer and just finished building my own movie studios.

    I’ll be in Dublin 12-13th August to meet again with the Finance Minister to do the sequel to Ryan’s Daughter.

    Might be surreal (not our visual aesthetic of course) to get a coffee with ourselves.

    Who knows?

    1. Kevin Macartan Monahan says:

      Great, mark me in for a part in the sequel. Watched the original recently, it was on tv, it is a fantastic film. Got the horn at the scene where she rides in on a horse, threatening to whip a peasant. Ashford Studios & co Wicklow is your best bet

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