Homeless hero


He said he gets feed 3 times a day in one of the restaurants there he just walks in and sits down and the staff bring him food he eats it and leaves. The restaurant was taking over by a new company a few years ago and they refused to feed him anymore so all the students got together and told the manager that if they didn’t feed him every student on the campus would boycott the restaurant, so they agreed to keep feeding him.

Fair play to the students of UCD

legendary figure, ‘the old man of Belfield’. For those of you who don’t know the story, this gentleman saved a UCD student from being attacked on campus many years ago and has been eating his meals in the restaurant there ever since. He is a private and much respected figure.

‘Homeless Hero’
Oil on board
50 x 70 cm

Photographed on wall Ireland’s/u.k National Contemporary Art Fair,VUE.

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