8 thoughts on “R.H.A varnishing day and awards given

  1. Louise Webb says:

    Fantastic painting – saw it on Sunday. I went to the Kassan demo last night and met you briefly – you should be giving demos yourself!

  2. Angela Leigh-Doyle says:

    Saw Morsus today in RHA completely taken with it. A very moving portrait. Well done on award.

  3. Berni Bradley says:

    Bring back beauty, art has become repellent for repellent sake ..Shades of the soul,however dark, can reveal themselves in powerful artworks. So why, is there so much, splatters of mockery and trite,conceit, masquerading as contemporary art? Art has lost it,s FINE, and need to be redefined. True, art may need to extend it,s dialogue,to embrace the hectic, media saturated,times we inhabit. For art to mirror life, requires more than a trite response, such as a Shaky, Emin sketch. scratches, blots and trite text!, seems to be the default stance of much of contemporary art. I Am aware, some of us, artists , can still,feel awe, believe and dream visionary dreams, why not. francis continue to inspire1

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